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Some updates

So, here's the thing. I'm going through another geeky period where I try to build stuff with HTML and JS. The main reason I've even built this blog is not to share my thoughts and such, but to create a website with a retro style to it.

You may remember me from the Terminal thingy I started to build a year ago. While I still think the idea was not that bad, I didn't have time nor skill to develop it in a way that satisfied me. Also I didn't really know what to do with it: the command-line based website was cool but really really unpractical.

Then I saw this and that gave me inspiration to build Cuivienen, another "blog-with-a-flavour" platform. I poured some time in it but realized I was just copy-pasting metamorphosis' design and didn't feel ok with it.

And now this: my brand new terminal based blog/website/ I'm really proud of its look but it still needs a lot of improvement: header is kinda basic, the two-windows theme is quite limiting and the log/terminal window is just a sketch but hey, it's about trying isn't it?